Top Picks for Summer Babies

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This weekend I was feeling the summer lovin with the temperature going up and the June gloom is starting to disappear. With this in mind I have made a list of some of my favorite items for the summer with my little babe. 

1. Aveeno Baby Sunscreen Lotion

I love this sunscreen for my little pasty babe who needs sunscreen from head to toe. This sunscreen is great because it goes on easily without leaving her skin looking white.  


2. Joyfully Stitched Baby Bonnet


Ohh this Bonnet!! So adorable with the contrasting colors. The best part of the bonnet is the brim on the front to help block my little girls face from the sun. Check out Joyfully Stitched's page on Etsy to get your hands on these adorable bonnets. 

3. Herringbone Pesetemal Beach Towel


About a year ago one of my girlfriends got me this beach towel for a bridesmaid gift and I still think it is the best beach towel. Even though it is thin it is the perfect towel to use on the beach. The towel is super big which is great to use as a blanket if you just want to have a picnic on the beach. 

4. The Beach is Calling Onesie


 Before you head to the beach put your little one in this super cute onesie. This lightweight onesie is a perfect layer for the beach even if you are not planning on getting wet.  

5. Carter's Striped Swimsuit

The wonderful things about this Carter's Swimsuit is the cap sleeves create the perfect block for the tops of their shoulders. Paired with the bonnet, your babe will be hitting the beach in style. The best part is this onesie is currenlty on sale for $9.97! What a deal!


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